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How much do our beliefs–both conscious and subconscious–influence our society and politics? Today Stefani chats with Dr Michael Hogue about some fundamental beliefs we’ve inherited in the West: that humans are separate from nature, that God is separate from Creation, and especially that God is an all-powerful being. Hogue argues that these beliefs are the cause of our current political and environmental crises. What do we need to overcome them? New kinds of gods.

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Michael Hogue, who joined the Meadville Lombard faculty in September 2005, teaches and writes at the intersections of theology, religious ethics, and philosophy of religion. He is particularly influenced by the pragmatist, process, and naturalist lineages in American philosophy of religion, which he refers to as the “left wing of American radical theology.” As a scholar and teacher, he uses these traditions to explore issues related to religion and the environment, political theology, religion and science and social ethics.

His courses at Meadville include, among others, are Community Studies, Liberal Theology, Process and Liberation Theologies, Global Religions, Multifaith Theologies, Religious Ethics and Global Dynamics, and Religious Naturalism.

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