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Hi, I’m Stefani

My name is Stefani Ruper, and I am currently a Research Associate in the Organizational Beahvior unit of the Harvard Business School. I execute a number of tasks to support HBS faculty. In this role I execute my work to high standards of excellence, because I believe that what I do (what we all do) and how I do it (how we all do it) matters. My aim is to equip and empower. I work to equip and empower both Harvard faculty and everyone else who may be touched by our work.

My value add

My path to Organizational Behavior has been long and winding. In the last 11 years I have been a business owner, a scientist, a scholar, and a published author. Underlying all of these experiences has been a devotion to understanding human beings at the deepest possible level and using that understanding to help heal, inspire, and empower.

So my value add comprises

▫️ multidisciplinary knowledge (psychology, sociology, philosophy, biology),

▫️ multidisciplinary research techniques (specializing in humanities scholarship and qualitative techniques such as grounded theory),

▫️ high volume content production and curation for diverse audiences

▫️ business and project management skills through complete lifecycles, and

▫️ a relentless, enterprising commitment to improving myself and the ways in which I positively contribute.

My mission

I believe in taking a nuanced, careful, multidisciplinary approach to understanding humans. We must seek to know ourselves simultaneously on biochemical, psychological, and sociological levels. Engaging multiple levels is the only way to get a good understanding of who we are and how we can become our best selves.

The vast majority of the literature across these fields – biology, psychology, sociology –  is beginning to show definitively that the better people are cared for, the better they feel and the better they perform. The time to overhaul how we do enterprise and how we organize is now.

I take a nuanced, careful, multidisciplinary approach to understanding humans in order to serve our empowerment and joy.

My cred


High Honours BA, Dartmouth College (2010)

Master’s of Theology, Boston University (2014)

Doctor of Philosophy, University of Oxford (2020)

Work experience:

Found and direct Health to Empower  organization for women’s wellness (2012-2020)

Academic publications:

“Metaphysics Matters: Metaphysics and Soteriology in Jerome Stone’s and Donald Crosby’s Varieties of Religious Naturalism” Zygon (49: 2) 2014.

“To Naturalize is to Differentiate: How Recent Advances in Cognitive Science Provice a More Plural Basis for Theorizing Religion” Method and Theory in the Study of Religion  (30: 1) 2018.

Popular Books:

Sexy by Nature: The Whole Foods Solution to Radiant Health, Life-Long Sex Appeal, and Soaring Confidence, Victory Belt, 2014.

Coconuts and Kettlebells: A Personalized 4-Week Health and Fitness Plan for Life-Long Health, Happiness, and Freedom with Noelle Tarr, Harper Collins, 2018.


Naked Humanity, 2018-2020.

Well-Fed Women, regular guest, 2015-2021.


Ian Ramsey Centre John Templeton Foundation Grant, 2015-2017.

Institute for Religion in an age of Science Scholarship, 2013.

Carr Scholarship, 2013.

Huayu Enrichment Scholarship, 2011.

Uthman Prize for Most Outstanding Undergraduate Research, 2010.

NASA Space Grant, 2009.

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