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Bias is arguably the biggest problem facing the modern West. As the world globalizes and political divisions intensify, it becomes easier and easier for us to become entrenched in our biases. In this episode, Stefani chats with organizer and founder of The Plenary Steph Sasse about human biases and what can be done about them in the modern world, from using state-of-the-art neuroscience to throwing themed parties.

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Stephanie Fine Sasse is a writer, organizer, and designer. Trained in neuroscience and psychology research at Harvard University, she has co-published on human development and decision making in leading academic journals, created and taught award-winning courses on information literacy and science communication, and spearheaded nationwide campaigns to increase diverse representation in and of STEM fields. In early 2017, Stephanie joined the March for Science in San Francisco and Washington, DC where she helped organize a movement that mobilized over one million supporters around the world. She subsequently co-authored “Science Not Silence”, a collection of science advocacy stories released by MIT Press in Spring 2018. In addition, Stephanie conceptualized and produced the S|GNS (Science | Government, Institutions & Society) Summit in Chicago in July 2018, which brought community leaders together to discuss equitable, evidence-based policy. Most recently, Stephanie founded The Plenary, a nonprofit educational design studio that marries art and science to create nonpartisan experiences for adults to learn about current issues such as human bias, health, sustainability, and social change.

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