Here’s the notes for episode #23 of The Meaning of Everything show.

Continuing where we left off in episode 22, today philosopher Donald Crosby and I explore in depth all of the ways in which he thinks nature is better at meeting our spiritual needs than traditional religion. We discuss his new ideas about nature and God, morality, the flow of time, purpose, meaning, death, and more.

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Donald Crosby is a Religious Naturalist having contributed to the movement with six books and a number of journal articles and chapters in books. He argues that nature itself, without notions of God, gods, animating spirits, or supernatural beings or realms of any kind, is both metaphysically and religiously ultimate, and thus an appropriate and compelling focus of religious commitment and concern. Nature as a whole can be considered sacred. This is so despite the radical ambiguities of nature, or its intricate mixtures of goods and evils, to which he calls sustained attention in his 2008 book Living with Ambiguity: Religious Naturalism and the Menace of Evil.

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