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Who are we? Why are we the way we are? How do we be the best possible versions of ourselves?

The Meaning of Everything is a podcast that explores new insights into our biggest questions and problems. Each week I chat with a person who has an impactful story or perspective and who is also often also a cutting-edge expert in psychology, history, religion, philosophy, science, or culture. Tune in and you’ll gain a deeper understanding of both yourself and your fellow humans, and maybe even be healed, inspired, and set free in the process.

Occasionally I am also entertaining.

Interview episodes air on Mondays and Q&As air on Thursdays. You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Spotify or watch on Youtube.

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#18x: The Problem with Political Correctness

Here’s the notes for episode #18x of The Meaning of Everything show. Frustrated with the debate on political correctness, I discuss what I perceive to be common blind spots on both the right and the left. I take the common ‘left’ view that taking care of others and...

#17x: Do you have a Purpose?

Here’s the notes for episode #17x of The Meaning of Everything show. Do you have a purpose in life? Maybe! In today’s episode I take a look at the history of cultural factors that make us all feel like we need to find a “purpose” -- and why it might all be wrong. Be...

16x: Narcissism and Social Media

Here’s the notes for episode #16x of The Meaning of Everything show. They often call us “Generation Me.” We are the generation that is selfish, narcissistic, and obsessed with getting Facebook likes. But why? Why are we this way? In this brief episode, I talk about...