Getting to the heart of what makes humans tick

Are we doomed to self-destruct? Do we have free will? Why is society so beautiful and so messed up at the same time?

At the core of Naked Humanity is the question: What does it mean to be human? To try to get to the bottom of this extraordinary question, I chat with experts in fields as wide ranging as anthropology, ethics, and string theory. We pontificate; we laugh; we philosophize; we cry. Join me twice weekly for an unapologetically candid look at human nature and modern culture. Walk away with refreshing wisdom about how to best be human in these extraordinary times.

Interview episodes air on Mondays and Q&As air on Thursdays. You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Play,  StitcherSpotify, and pretty much all podcasting apps actually, just search “Naked Humanity” (except for Soundcloud, sorry!), or watch on Youtube.

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#35: Why Spirituality Needs Science with Ursula Goodenough

Here are the notes for episode #35 of Naked Humanity. We tend to think that science robs the world of meaning. But today’s guest, world famous biologist (who’s met with the Dalai Lama) Ursula Goodenough has changed the way that we see nature forever. This is because...

#34x: The Philosophy of Power

Here are the notes for episode #34x of Naked Humanity. Power is the most important but least talked about part of what it means to be human. Power is everywhere and in everything in your life, from your romantic relationships to your religion and to your political...

#34: The New Spirituality of the 21st Century with Linda Woodhead

Here are the notes for episode #34 of Naked Humanity. Surveys just confirmed that as of 2019 exactly the same number of Americans claim “no religion” as evangelical Christianity--a first in all of our history. Spirituality has transformed in extraordinary ways in...

#33x: The Importance of Suffering

Here are the notes for episode #33x of Naked Humanity. We often talk about ending suffering--but would that really be good for us? In this podcast, Stefani argues that suffering is necessary for a good, meaningful, and happy life. Be sure to check back every Monday...

#32x: The Loneliest Society

Here are the notes for episode #32x of Naked Humanity. Stefani argues that the modern West is--in some ways--the most lonely society to ever have existed. This means contrasting it with ancestral hunter-gatherers and telling the story of how we moved from there, to...