Getting to the heart of what makes humans tick

Are we doomed to self-destruct? Do we have free will? Why is society so beautiful and so messed up at the same time?

At the core of Naked Humanity is the question: What does it mean to be human? To try to get to the bottom of this extraordinary question, I chat with experts in fields as wide ranging as anthropology, ethics, and string theory. We pontificate; we laugh; we philosophize; we cry. Join me twice weekly for an unapologetically candid look at human nature and modern culture. Walk away with refreshing wisdom about how to best be human in these extraordinary times.

Interview episodes air on Mondays and Q&As air on Thursdays. You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Play,  StitcherSpotify, and pretty much all podcasting apps actually, just search “Naked Humanity” (except for Soundcloud, sorry!), or watch on Youtube.

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#38x: The Busyness Epidemic

Here are the notes for episode #38x of Naked Humanity. Are you constantly busy? Stressed? Over-worked and over-committed? In this episode, a listener asks Stefani how to balance commitments so she can be less stressed and feel better. Stefani responds by questioning...

#37x: How to Quit Religion

Here are the notes for episode #37x of Naked Humanity. This week, X episodes turn into listener questions! Our first listener question is from Suzy. Suzy gave up Catholicism, but now she’s worried about losing her friendships and finding her way without traditional...

#36x: Exclusion in Academic Publishing: A Rant

Here are the notes for episode #36 of Naked Humanity. In this episode Stefani shares some facts and figures about the horrifying charade of academic journal publishing. If you want to read any of most journal articles today you have to pay between thirty and sixty...

#36: Why We Don’t Care about the Environment with Siobhan Senier

Here are the notes for episode #36 of Naked Humanity. Why are we so indifferent and passive when it comes to protecting the environment? Today Stefani chats with specialist in Native American literature Siobhan Senier, and they lean into Senier’s keen insights about...