Getting to the heart of what makes humans tick

Are we doomed to self-destruct? Do we have free will? Why is society so beautiful and so messed up at the same time?

At the core of Naked Humanity is the question: What does it mean to be human? To try to get to the bottom of this extraordinary question, I chat with experts in fields as wide ranging as anthropology, ethics, and string theory. We pontificate; we laugh; we philosophize; we cry. Join me twice weekly for an unapologetically candid look at human nature and modern culture. Walk away with refreshing wisdom about how to best be human in these extraordinary times.

Interview episodes air on Mondays and Q&As air on Thursdays. You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Play,  StitcherSpotify, and pretty much all podcasting apps actually, just search “Naked Humanity” (except for Soundcloud, sorry!), or watch on Youtube.

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#56: The Lost Art of Logic with Steve Patterson

Here are the notes for episode #56 of Naked Humanity. This week I have the enormous pleasure to chat with freelance philosopher Steve Patterson, who studied philosophy and became an expert in logic entirely outside of the academy. Steve and I chat about his...

#55x: Living Outside the Philosophical Box

Here are the notes for episode #55x of Naked Humanity. In last week’s question, a listener claimed that we were polar opposites. I think this was on the basis of what he perceived my views to be about some things. I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about...

#55: The State of Philosophy Today with John Perry

Here are the notes for episode #55 of Naked Humanity. Today I chat with one of the pioneers of philosophy podcasting, John Perry. But Professor Perry is such a pro that he’s not actually a podcaster: he hosted the philosophy radio show Philosophy Talk for decades. We...

#54x: Intersectionality: Truths vs. Misconceptions

Here are the notes for episode #54 of Naked Humanity. A listener writes in and asks me to unpack intersectionality (which is basically the idea that categories of marginalisation on the basis of things such as gender, race, and ability can intersect to create unique...

#53x: Why You Think You’re Right but Probably Aren’t

Here are the notes for episode #53x of Naked Humanity. A listener writes in and asks, how do I know if I’m objective? I say right off the bat: you aren’t. Period. No such thing truly exists. BUT, this doesn’t mean you should take offense (because we’re all just...