Most people I know tell me that fall is their favourite season. This year I became curious about why. Is it the air? The colour? The smell? It’s all of it, of course–but I think deep down the real reason so many of us love fall is that it is when everything begins to die. We feel it. We know the end is coming. Time becomes palpable–it accelerates, even–and we try to savour every moment as it runs between our finger. We love the fall so much because we appreciate things most when they end. This feels deeply interesting and important to me.

So I turned it into a poem.

Here is the instagram version:


The full text has another stanza. It reads:


You think the reason

You think the reason

You love fall is

Crisp air

Red trees

Falling leaves

Mulled wine in your mouth and

Frost making the grass crunch under your feet


But the real reason you love fall is that

Fall is when time slips between your fingers

And you realize it’s too fast,

faster than your forgetting


Humans don’t know how to let go


Fall is a laser that

snaps you to attention:

look and

look now before it’s too late

Skin alive

Hungry eyes

Heaving breath


Suspended before the end

Everything becoming precious


Wow the leaves they are so beautiful tonight